HighBrook Investment Management

Our Firm

HighBrook Investors was founded in 2010 by Brian R. Carr and the Senior Managing Partner of High Rise Capital Management LP (“High Rise”), David P. O'Connor (collectively, “the Founders”).

The Founders have spent their careers in real estate, across public and private markets and spanning several real estate cycles. They have been instrumental in the development and leadership of successful real estate transactions and ventures and have built an extensive network of industry contacts and relationships. HighBrook Investors was designed to capitalize on the growing distress in commercial real estate by utilizing this wealth of experience. Unencumbered by legacy portfolios and designed to efficiently source and manage real estate, we believe that HighBrook Investors is uniquely well positioned to succeed in this challenging real estate market.

HighBrook Investors creates value for its investors and partners by utilizing the diverse skill sets of its team members in the areas of acquisition structuring, asset management, finance, hedging and risk management. The firm manages fully discretionary capital on behalf of a variety of institutional and high-net-worth investors, both through acquisitions and recapitalizations with existing ownership groups, along with a significant co-investment of capital from its Founders.